You know you’re a writer when

Today it was not raining, the temperature was above 56 degrees and it was sunny. Hey this is Southern California and anything below 55 degrees is cold. Especially with the wind off the ocean.

I had yards to mow. The back yard needed cleaning. The flower pots are full of weeds. Junk needs to be thrown away. The piles of paper work are piled so high that some of it keeps sliding off and onto the floor.

I sat at the computer and worked on the ending of my script. I worked hard, it not easy to get the climax right and wrap up a script. I ran out of the correct color of 3 by 5 note cards for the scene I was writing, but I kept writing. I’m sitting at the computer and writing with pen and pencil on paper. The pen ran out of ink so I grabbed a pencil. The sun I hadn’t seen in days was calling, I kept writing.

That’s when you know you’re a writer.

After the second draft of the script ending I did go out and mow the yards and pick up the trash. I cleaned up a spill in the back yard. I emptied the wheel barrow of rain water. And dozen of other little jobs. I also worked on the 30 foot long antenna I’m building. Had to run to the hardware store for plastic pipe glue.

But I wrote first.

In other news. I got the edit and limited rewrite of the second book finished. Still looking for Beta Readers and an Editor.

I will be posting the first chapter of the second book soon. I’m failing in my quest to be a humor writer. The first chapter of the second book has more killings. Stay tuned.

Stay strong, write on.          Professor Hyram Voltage

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