Bagel alert

The other day I went into Starbucks to do some writing. The weather outside and at my house was hot and ridiculously muggy. Starbucks is air conditioned and my house isn’t.

I’m not suppose to have caffeine which limits the choices of what I can order at Starbucks. I walked in and ordered a bagel. Personal rule I buy something every hour and a half when I use a place like that.

Starbucks has no bagels, they’ve been recalled. Recalled. I know a little about cooking and to mess up a bagel till it’s dangerous to eat takes hard work or enemy action. We’re talking thousands and thousands of bagels.

The next day I went to Noah’s Bagels. Not as noisy, had WiFi, not as many tables. Both places had air conditioning and both times I got writing done.

Write on, draw on.

Professor Voltage