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The Long Hard Slog of Editing

I’m almost finished editing my second book for the tenth or twelfth, or is it the fifteenth time. I approached an editor for a quote on a developmental edit. I sent him a sample of the book, five thousand words. That’s a little more than the first chapter. He sent back an email saying I […]

Selling Your Book: The Carnival Barker and the Writer

I attended the Filmore Steam Train Rail Festival 2018 Saturday on April 28. They had a good crowd. People like riding on steam trains. Of course they had The Frontier Gnnfighters performing regularly scheduled train robberies. I had just arrived and a lady, with a couple of kids in tow, asked where she could buy […]

Getting in the Mood to Write

Some how between when this was first posted and a week later it disappeared. I re-posted it. There is a ad in old Byte magazines (a personal computer magazine that no longer exists) from the 1970s. It’s a picture of a father in his pajamas, wearing a 1930s style Buck Rogers helmet sitting in front […]

San Diego Comic Fest

This is not the San Diego Comic Con, it’s better. Smaller but better. I had a blast and learned stuff. They had a full schedule on Friday starting at 10:00. That meant I had to leave the house at 5:00 AM. I made good time through all the traffic jams in LA, Long Beach and […]

Gaslight Gathering 2018 report

Just got back from the weekend Gaslight Gathering convention. A nice little convention in San Diego, CA. The drive form Fiasco Manor was not bad this year. No, major stoppage at San Clemente, and the air current were very favorable, I had a tail wind the whole way there. The gathering was in the Handlery […]

Windows Killed My Acer Computer

It doesn’t matter what computer you write on as long as you write, but my Acer tower computer and I have been thorough a lot. It has i3 core cpu and was running windows 7 when I got it. I manage to get it upgraded to Windows 8, then Windows 10. The latest major Windows […]

The Steampunk Idea Treasure Map

To find an idea for a book you need a map. When I was a kid (I was never a little kid) I went out into the desert to find treasure. There were lots of stories of lost gold mines and the treasure of De Anaza and I was going to find some. One minor […]