Likeable Monsters

Professor Hyram “Hy” Voltage here.

This comic is based on a movie script I wrote. Of all the scripts I’ve written I like this story the best.

The one comment I kept getting back from the writing group, rewrite after rewrite, was “Where do the monster come from?”.

Where the monsters come from doesn’t have anything to do with the story. The monsters were created years before the story starts and I’m not big fan of flash backs.

After a long pain racked analysis period I came to realize that what everyone was saying is that my monsters were more interesting than my villains, protagonist, and anyone else in the script. My monsters were the good guys/gals (yes, this is an equal employment comic).

So I wrote, an origin for the monsters. Then rewrote, rewrote, rewrote, rinse and repeat. The result is a adventure/rom-com with a very bloody opening. You can’t make a good monster without spilling a little blood.

But it gave me a chance to show the personalities of the monsters before they were monsters. And showing is the best way to do it.

Mad scientists, Monsters, and Mayhem.  This comic got it all.

Write on, draw on.  Professor Hyram Voltage


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