CCN and losing subscribers

CNN use to be my home page. Then early last week I fired up the computer and the anti-virus program flashed a warming. The anti-virus program wanted to change the home page because of virus problems. I logged out of IE and ran a virus check. The check said my computer was clean. The anti-virus program wanted to change the home page to a common site and the site checked out clean.

Since then I have seen nothing about a virus that changed home pages (and asked before doing it). I felt should I would find something if the virus was changing home pages to infected web sites. I found nothing about CNN improving the security of their home page or having problems with the security of their web site (of course I don’t think most sites would admit they had virus problems, they would just hope no one noticed). Was I spoofed or does CNN need to hire some IT people instead of laying off people. If I’m not the only person who got this error, even if the error is fake, CNN is losing customers very quickly. CNN could have a bad earning report next quarter.


Write on, draw on.     Professor Voltage.

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