Silly Season or is it Just Halloween

Silly Season is traditional newspaper language for a series or flood of wild stories in the vein of; big foot, UFO, Lock Ness sightings and conspiracy stories. This time it started with someone going through the NASA Mars picture files and finding a picture with a ball shaped rock in it. Spherical rocks are not that common on earth and are usually formed by water. So why didn’t NASA make a big deal of this rock as evidence of water on Mars? It’s got to be a conspiracy. Then a picture was found in the Mars picture files that has a rock  that looks like a traffic stop light. In the spirit of there’s gold in them there pictures someone went through the 1968 NASA Moon picture files and found a picture with something that looks like a space ship sitting in a crater in it. Another person jumped on the picture saying there was a highway in the picture. (the highway looks like a transmission error common in the old technology used in the 1960s, if you were born after HD TV you don’t know what snow like static is or rolling horizontal bar or bars on a TV screen is). Right after all this comes a multiple UFO report from Colorado. Isn’t there enough horribly bad news  to keep people entertained?

We have a full moon with eclipse coming up and then Halloween, it’s just going to get better.


Write on, draw on.  Professor Voltage.

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