Rain in California

We had a little bit of rain for a couple of hours the other night. Most people would call it a mist. That’s a big thing where we have had only a few hours of rain in the last ten months. I was expecting it to get the ground soaked and then get some real rain and real mud slides. Didn’t happen.

More cities are talking about putting in desalinization plants to make fresh water. This county depends on agriculture for a large part of it’s economy. Desalted water cost to much to use for farming.

The voters in this county have stop every company that wants to move a large number of jobs into the county. There is one airplane parts manufacture has been trying to move into this county for years and bring 5000 jobs. The locals don’t want it.

Desalted water is to expensive to use for farming and if the drought goes on for much longer the farms go out of business. Without jobs who will be able to pay for the water to drink?

This area of bedroom communities is going to become a nice place to visit but you can’t afford to buy the water to live there.

Write on, draw on.   Professor Voltage.

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