Batting less than 100 with books

Just finished reading a book by a famous author that I really like.

It was Meh. They can’t all be winner.

The book was a let down. So I made it a learning experience.

What was right with the book. It was fast paced. I could not tell what was going to happen next. I couldn’t figure out the problem.

What was wrong; I didn’t care for the hero, the end of the story was a let down (not inventive enough), the villain had a killer that was to good.

The hero didn’t care, so why should I. The hero has five days to save the universe and he spends two days just goofing around. He doesn’t try to solve the problem, he’s convinced that fate has predetermined he will save the universe so he doesn’t care and doesn’t try. He doesn’t even try to make saving the universe safer or easier. A big let down after the book started so well.

The end of the story left me cold. Big build up, people in jeopardy, armies ready to attack. Almost a Deus Ex Machina.

The story had a killer that had killed over 2000 people and no one got upset. One of the people he killed was the vice ruler of the world. Why didn’t the rulers of other worlds do something about this killer. Family and friends of the killed did not do something about this killer? This is not a serial killer of prostitutes.

I did finished the book. If a book is not fast paced or interesting I won’t get half way through.


Write on, draw on.     Professor Voltage



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