Writers Block and Where to Get Writing Ideas

Here’s a quick way to beat writers block or to find new ideas for a story, novel or whatever.

Get a book of trivia and read it. Make sure the book covers the time period and location your writing about.

This is my secret and it works, try it.

Even better book is one from the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series. The ‘Wise Up’ volume is good source. Did you know that around 1800 the Russian prince Alexander Kurakin taught the French the concept of eating a meal in courses. The idea of the Russians teaching the French how to eat is full of conflict and a story in itself.

I remember reading Tom Sawyer and how Tom commented of how he liked eating his food all mixed together. Sounded like Mulligan stew to me but the term had not been invented back when the book was written. No worrying about the peas touching the corn with that kid.


Write on, draw on.  Professor Voltage

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