ConDor convention and the Hero: The Good, the Bad, the Anti panel

Here are some notes on the panel.

The guest of honor sat on the panel.

A bit of self promotion, the book The Desert and the Blade sounds like fun.

A line from the movie Mammoth, ‘Heroes are not made they are cornered’.

On being a hero. If a anti hero is forced to be a hero every day he will become a hero.

One panel member related a time he told a fire fighter he was a middle school teacher. The fire fighter told him he couldn’t do it. He would rather run into a burning building.

Comment from the panel, Anti heroes are fake bullies.

S. M. Stirling comment, classic heroes are harder to write. Anti heroes have lots of faults, (equals lots of things to write about). Anti heroes have become popular because they are easier to write.

Comment form the panel, in fan fiction the mother side of the author comes out, meaning they want to write characters that they can fix.

Comment form the panel, in Fifty Shades of Gray she is only with him because he’s rich. What he lived in a trailer, it would have been a CSI episode.

If you got to have a stainless hero then give him a flawed friend.

Comment form the panel, it’s much more fun to write the bad guy.


Write on, draw on.   Professor Hyram Voltage



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