War within Amazon Publishing

I got an email from Michelle Campbell-Scott. I bought a course from her. She said that CreateSpace is requesting that authors and publisher remove all Amazon URLs (to their books) from their manuscripts or add two other places where the books are available.

Sounds like war between KDP and CreateSpace.

KDP is now offering the ability to upload print books directly. Michelle warns (from her email):

It looks like KDP and CreateSpace may have parted ways – especially as KDP are now offering the ability to upload print books directly. The general wisdom is not to do this though. They don’t offer proof copies and the quality of the formatting may not be as good. I’ll let you know if this changes. For now, CreateSpace remains the best option most most print purposes – not least because CreateSpace staff are excellent and accessible (unlike KDP staff!).

Just remember not to have Amazon links in your print books unless you’re also including other links to book sales sites.


Publishing is changing fast, stay on top.

Stay strong, write on.        Professor Hyram Voltage

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