Digging The Line

Sung to the tune of Draggin’ the Line, Sewer line that is (sung to the tune of the theme song of the Beverly Hillbillies).

Fourteen feet doesn’t sound that long. It is if you have to crawl under a house, a long way under the house, and dig out fourteen feet of four inch, cast iron sewer line with a short handled shovel.

Things I do on my day off. It took, two of us, three days to finish the job. That cast iron pipe is heavy. Had to cut it into three pieces to drag it out from under the house.

It may have been dry under the house, but it was dirty. Had to wash several loads of clothes after we were done.

The plastic pipe we replaced the cast iron with was much lighter. Gluing is much easier than hammering lead between the joints of cast iron pipe like they did 60 years ago when they put the cast iron pipe in. It was a drain line so there was no risk of lead poisoning.

In a couple of places the cast iron pipe had rotted into a cast iron trough.

Stay strong, write on.    Professor Hyram Voltage

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