Writing and Time, not enough of either

I’m writing like mad on book three, and I’m behind. That means it’s Tuesday and I forgot to update the blog. It’s called focus.

I have a 3,000 word goal per week. That’s 3,000 words that has been self edited several times. This week I’m behind by 2,500 words for the last two weeks. I did get two chapters done. Short chapters, but emotional hard hitting chapters. My heroine is getting deeper and deeper into trouble.

I have a meeting with the writer’s group ever week. I have a fan in the writer’s group. I will not show a first or rough draft to a fan. That does mean the stuff I show doesn’t need a professional editor. The material I submit to the writer’s group needs lot of work. At least I spell check it several times before I submit.

I am reworking the outline heavily as I write. It’s not that I can’t stick to the outline, but I have come up with some good stuff that needs to be put into the book. The outline is not set in stone. Quick sand maybe, wet slimy sucky quicksand, but not stone.

I am also writing until late into the night. Other things are taking up my day light hours. I wish it was other wise, but that’s life. My life has other goals besides writing.

I have to go program an Arduino computer now. Wish me luck, software and I don’t get along.

Stay strong, write on.      Professor Hyram Voltage

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