Writing on the road and all the time

There are plenty of writers that brag that they write every day. Think Ray Bradbury (if you have never heard of him look him up and read him, he even wrote poetry). That may be possible if you’re like the old magazine publisher Wayne Green. He had his wife drive him to work while he sat at a bench in the back on their van and typed (on an old typewriter). This may be the office of the future with self driving cars. Work while the car drives. Sort of like the Lincoln Lawyer.

If you have a life and other interest than writing there are going to be days when you don’t write. Days like when you drive for over 13 hours and barely have the strength to make it to a restaurant before they close to get something to eat. It’s a small town and fast food places are not common in Oregon. After eating I had just enough strengthen to unload some of the more expensive telescope and camera equipment before falling into bed.

I did not get 1000 words done that day, or the next. Not even 100 words got written. I drove across two states the next day. Do I feel bad about not getting any writing done. No. Even dead tired I enjoyed the driving. Oregon does have a lot of two lane roads and I must have driven on half of them.

I know obsessive and compulsive and that can lead to writers block. You also have to be flexible. If your writing all the time, when are you going to find the new experiences that you can later put into your stories? Without experiences, that you have lived, your stories are going to be flat.

Go out and explore, experience, live, then write.

Stay strong, write on.             Professor Hyram Voltage.

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