The Race to Totality, a Day of Rest

August 20th. After the complimentary breakfast at the hotel in Dayton, WA. we headed for Walla Walla, WA where I had reservations. We took highway 12 and found it was not well marked. Drove by Walla Walla and both me and my friend missed the off ramp to Walla Walla. There are not many gasoline stations along the raods of Washington. Almost ran out of gas. The exhaustion is catching up with me. This is the second time in two days.

We found the hotel in Walla Walla easily. I asked at the desk and found one of the cheapest gasoline stations was just a block or two away.

Did a little sight seeing. Lot of people on foot in down town Walla Walla.

My friend suggested we scout out the route out of town site we got turned around the night before trying to get through Walla Walla.

Lunch at a Panda Express and then back to the hotel to lay back and rest up. Four o’clock in the morning was coming soon. Some of the others in the hotel were leaving at midnight.

Again I was too tired to write. The big concern was the city of Pendleton, OR. We got lost in that city before. The 11 highway does not connect to the 395 highway. You have to go on city streets and that’s where I took a wrong turn before.

This trips has been wrong turns, almost running out of gas and exhaustion. They are related. That’s why I don’t write when I’m very tired. It’s too hard and I make too many mistakes.

Be strong, write on.    Professor Hyram Voltage

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