Writer, Optimist and Contest

I entered the first book I wrote in a contest. I’ve written three books. It’s the 2017 Readers Choice Awards by TCK Publishing. See the 2017 Readers Choice Awards by TCK Publishing.

I did not write the next Harry Potter. I don’t expect to win this contest. The only chance I have to win something is if I’m chosen in one of the random drawings that will be held for books that were entered. It did not cost anything to enter. Low risk of losing anything. I may get one book sales out of it, and maybe someone will like my book.

I can use all the feed back I can get and I’m not expecting good feedback. Useful feed back does not have to be good feedback. I’m looking for feedback that will make the book the best book I can, so tell me what wrong or what you don’t like, I can change it and I may.

Remember it’s a book not a product. I don’t make products, I write books. A bag of cow manure is a product. My book is way better than any product.

I got an offer from a member of the screen writing group I belong to to Beta read the manuscript of book two. I am in panic mode reworking the manuscript to get it ready for someone to read it. It’s got some good scenes in it.

I’m always looking for more Beta Readers. I’m not looking for a proof reading or a spell check. I will hire an editor for that. Leave a comment if you would like to give a try at Beta Reading a manuscript. With luck you can be promoted to Alpha reader.

Stray Strong, Write On.                Professor Hyram Voltage

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