A friend lost his house in the fires around The City of Ventura, California yesterday. I offered to help all I could, but it’s not enough. He looked in bad shape the morning after he had to evacuate. He couldn’t get back to his house to find out if it was gone or not. The police still had the area blocked off.

His neighbors saw their house burn. The neighbors house was across the street and up a little on the side of a hill. They could not see my friends house from the spot they saw the neighbor’s house burn. There were no fire trucks or anyone around the house when it caught fire.

All the pain of loss. There are many things in my friends house that can not be replaced. Things that have memories tied to them.

How do I or anyone capture the feelings, of loss, of the heartbreak of not being able to help, of being helpless for someone? How do you put that in a story? How do you make someone feel those emotions?

Stay strong, write on, stay safe. Things can be replaced, but you can’t be replaced.    Professor Hyram Voltage.

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