The Long Hard Slog of Editing

I’m almost finished editing my second book for the tenth or twelfth, or is it the fifteenth time. I approached an editor for a quote on a developmental edit. I sent him a sample of the book, five thousand words. That’s a little more than the first chapter. He sent back an email saying I should get an evaluation or critique edit.

A developmental edit would cost a lot. I did not ask, but I think an evaluation edit would cost about half the cost of a developmental edit. I’m having trouble paying for a developmental edit, it’s a 60,000 word manuscript at two point three cents a word. I asked and the editor thought I would need a developmental edit after the evaluation edit. I want a good edit, but can not afford both of them.

I have had the manuscript gone over by the critique group and sent it to several beta readers. I have a story, even if it’s poorly told.

I looked over the first chapter, heaved a couple of sighs and several expletives, and started another self edit. These edits are not light undertakings. They take weeks to do, I’m busy.

I’m almost done with the edit/rewrite. I have had most of it reviewed by the critique group. Yes, there have been improvements. Some characters have been put to work doing more in the story. A plot hole was filled.

Will I find an editor I can afford? Will this book ever get a professional edit? Will I find an editor that will work with me, and not be a stand off uncommunicative service?

Stay tuned.

Stay strong, write on, and edit.

Professor Hyram Voltage

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