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Happy New Year Steampunk Writers

Happy New Year. It’s 60 degrees outside and there is rain in the forecast. Why would I be happy about rain? Well, it doesn’t get cold enough, well very often, to freeze the rain, and we haven’t have a good rain yet and the rainy season is half over. Without serious amounts of rain we […]

Happy Year End Day

In a Gray Lensman story by E. E. “Doc” Smith the main characters attend a Year End Day celebration. I like the idea. The idea of celebrating the good things of the past year. We seem to focus on the bad things in life. We should also recognize and celebrate the good things too. I […]

The 12 days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-day 10

You might have an Obsessive Christmas Decorating problem if; You try blowing your own glass Christmas ornaments on the kitchen stove. Take it from me, you’re gonna have problems if it’s an electric stove. You really might have a problem if you order Christmas ornaments from Europe. You might really, really have a problem if […]

The 12 Days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-day 9

If you spend hours watching YouTube videos of Christmas displays. If post hours YouTube videos of your Christmas display. You have a real problem if you post a new video of your Christmas display very week because you keep changing and upgrading your display. If you stopped buying extension cords by the case and started […]

The 12 Days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-Day 6

You might have a Obsessive Christmas Decorating problem if; If the Santa and his sleigh display in your front yard has more than eight reindeer because you like making the reindeer decorations. If the people at the Hallmark store know you by your first name, know what color you like, set aside ornaments for you […]