Building my bolg, pain, headache, and lack of information

This is my blog, this is my journey. I started this blog site to showcase my Webcomic. To help build the blog I purchased “The Webcomic Handbook” by Brad Guigar. Brad does the Evil Inc. webcomic at The handbook recommends using WordPress and the Comic Easel theme. Unfortunately the Comic Easel theme has been replaced by the ComicPress theme. The good news is ComicPress is set up so that you don’t have to use Child Themes. Child themes are an attempt (that doesn’t always work) to save from having to re-enter information into a theme when WordPress updates or the theme updates and both WordPress and ComicPress have updated several times in the last couple of months. The bad news is I can’t find decent instructions on how to use ComicPress. I don’t have time to do what I have to do during the day and write stories and work with an artist to get page drawn (I’m not a good artist) at night. Over and over again I’ve found that by the time I learn enough about some piece of software they change the program or language and you have lean a whole bunch of new programming methods. So far I have pushed buttons and got the blog to work somewhat and I haven’t locked up the server yet. I still can not figure out things or find a place where it explains what to do. If you haven’t noticed when you go to this site you go to a web page that redirects you to this site on Wordpress. If WordPress goes down, gets hacked, or I hose the theme beyond recognition I have HTML and CSS code I could drop into the web site page to have something up, it will be crude but there will be something on the web page. It would mean hand entering changes to images and text (a lot of work) till WordPress gets back on line but the site would still work. Still looking for help with ComicPress without spending days, weeks, months or even years learning programming.

Write on.

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