Using WordPress for a Webcomic for the beginner 1

When I started this Blog for a Webcomic I wanted nothing between a new reader and the Webcomic. No splash page, no adds, no pop ups. I also wanted a simple easy to remember URL or web site address. I built a web domain name (which is part of the URL) and obtained domain hosting for a web page. I named the WEB page/site/domain for the location where the comic takes place. This web site transfers the reader to the WordPress site for the web comic so the URL doesn’t need a /wp after the domain name. The transfer is very fast.

You can get a domain name from many companies. Most of the companies will also sell you hosting. Shop around. You can ask other Webcomic authors where they get their services. I get my hosting and domain names from They are located in Canada. The service desk has answered my questions quickly and I have asked them a bunch of questions. I use them to support another Webcomic “” by Illiad. Hey Webcomic creators should support each other. Is this the best hosting service? No, that would depend on you and your coding ability. Look for reviews of any hosting service before you go with them. is banner-free so that’s a big plus for me. Monthly and yearly charges vary all over the place. I pay extra for e-mail capability for all my WEB sites so be aware of extra charges. You can move a domain from one hosting service to another if the hosting service doesn’t work out or changes after you get a domain name. Make sure the domain and hosting service allow you to move domain names.    Side note, Illad the creator of the webcomic userfriendly has a major project going on and has been running old comics on the userfriendly site. I wish him the best of luck and can’t wait for him to start running new comics.

The web site, not the WordPress site, has several pages. The pages are not active yet. The code for the additional pages is like hot, shaken, nitroglycerin. They blow up all the time. I’ll get the code fixed one of these days but I got a comic to write. I am planning to have the ability to jump from the WordPress site to the different pages of the first web site. This should keep the response time of the WordPress site very fast.

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